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  • SOL-C60 Weather Responsive Solar Automatic Watering System
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SOL-C60 Weather Responsive Solar Automatic Watering System

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The latest addition to the Irrigatia range, the SOL-C60 waters up to a 60 Irrigation Units (IU's). The kit includes the Tank Range SMART controller with integrated irrigation pump as well as a seconda..
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The latest addition to the Irrigatia range, the SOL-C60 waters up to a 60 Irrigation Units (IU's). The kit includes the Tank Range SMART controller with integrated irrigation pump as well as a secondary pump for mixing plant feed in-line during the watering process. The separate Solar Panel comes with a 5m cable and mounting brackets allowing it to be installed in a sunny position. An optional 5m extension cable can be purchased if the solar panel needs to be positioned further away.

The C60 comes with a 25m length of 13mm pipe backbone to which Irrigatia extension kits can be connected using the included 4mm punch and joiners. The C60 requires a 10 x AA rechargeable batteries battery pack which is included. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ORDER THE EXTENSION KITS YOU NEED TO WATER YOUR PLANTS - IF YOU ONLY BUY MICROPOROUS HOSE YOU WILL NEED TO ORDER SOME TUBING AS WELL - IRR-15T OR IRR-30T


The water level sensor is placed in the water barrel and will detect when the water is running out and emits an audible warning during daylight hours.

Night mode - the system now detects when it is dark and switches the controller off to prevent watering at night.


To assist in selecting the most appropriate Irrigatia controller, we have devised a simple method to demonstrate each product’s capacity. We call them ‘Irrigation Units’, or ‘IU’ for short.
The SOL-C60 is suitable to irrigate one of the stated maximum planting quantities, or a combination thereof.
60 x 20l pots | 60 x tomato plants | 120 x pepper plants | 180 x strawberry plants | 60m row vegetable or flower beds
The SOL-C60 connects to the following Irrigatia Kits:
Drippers: Use for pots, baskets and individual plants - use 1 or more 20 dripper extension kits 

Seephose: Ideal for short runs in a mixed dripper / seephose environment, germinating seedlings, watering plant troughs and small beds - requires 1 dripper per metre length.

Micro Porous Hose: Ideal for flower beds, raised beds, vegetable plots, fruit trees and fruit cages. - use 25m, or 50m Micro Porous hose extension kits


  • The more sun, the more it waters – waters every 3 hrs
  • Saves plants from drought and waters when on holiday
  • Automatic watering for up to 25 large hanging baskets or 60 x 20 litre pots
  • Automatic feeding during watering
  • Drip waters up to 5m above the water source
  • Uses up to 90% less water than a hose
  • Easy, Eco, Efficient
  • Water source to solar pump – maximum 20m
  • Water source to last dripper – maximum 60m

Irrigatia weather responsive SMART irrigation controllers uniquely use solar power to detect the weather and alter watering according to the conditions and the season – providing plants with the precise irrigation needed  to help them thrive.
They are easy to install and set up, and once in, they will water automatically with minimal supervision – ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments – and can be used for pots, raised beds,
hanging baskets, vegetables and greenhouses.
Unlike conventional timer systems, by watering little and often, the soil stays moist and water does not run off, saving you water. A 1000 litre water barrel typically lasts 1 week.
No mains, wires, or hosepipes needed nor heavy watering cans to lug water around the garden.


C60 controller with main pump and secondary feed pump, water level sensor, C60 Solar Panel with 5m lead, 1 x inline filter + 2 x 13mm adaptors, 1 x foot strainer, 1 x 25m roll of 13mm tube, 1 x 2.5m 3.5mm tube and inlet filter,1 x 4mm punch, 12 x 4mm joiners, 2 x 13mm t piece, 4 x 13mm end plug, 4 x 13mm elbow, 10 x 13mm stakes, 6 x 13mm clamps, 2 x 13mm Valves, 12 x 4mm valves, battery pack containing 10 x AA rechargeable batteries
Minimum 30 - maximum 60
20m to water butt - 60m to last dripper
Irrigation Units Capacity
60 IU's

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